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History of Hajj in Pictures

Al-Wakeel – The Trustee, The Guardian, The Disposer of Affairs, The Advocate | Asma ul Husna


Allah calls Himself Al-Wakeel— The Trustee, The Disposer of Affairs, The Guardian— on 14 occasions in the Quran. Al-Wakeel is the only One who takes charge of the affairs of those…

AL-KAFEEL – The Guarantor, Surety, Responsible, and Witness


Allah calls Himself Kafeel— Guarantor, Surety— once in the Quran. Al-Kafeel is the only one able to protect the interests of the whole creation. He is the guarantor of all oaths,…

Al-Wadood! – The Most Loving


Allah calls Himself Al-Wadood— The Affectionate, The Most-Loving, The Beloved— twice  in the Quran. Al-Wadood is the One who is the source of all affection, love, and kindness. Even though…

The 99 Names of Allah (SWT) with meaning

Al-Wahhaab! – The Giver of Gifts


Allah calls Himself Al-Wahhaab— The Giver of gifts, The Most Liberal Bestower— three times in the Quran. He is the All-Giver who bestows gifts, favors, and blessings upon…



Allah calls Himself Al-Musta’aan— The One whose help is sought— on two occasions in the Quran. Al-Musta’aan is the one whose assistance and support are sought and in…

What are the Benefits of Istighfar?


1- ISTIGHFAR PROVIDES RELIEF FROM SORROW. 2- ISTIGHFAR OPENS THE DOORS OF SUSTENANCE. 3- Allah Showers Rain 4- Sins are Forgiven 5-Istighfar Avoids Punishment 6-Istighfar Opens the Doors…

Ashara Mubashara | The Ten Companions of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) Promised Jannah


Who are the 10 Ashara Mubashara (العشرة المبشرون) Ten companions (Sahaba) of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) have been specially mentioned by him (ﷺ) as being promised Jannat (Paradise). Their…