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Al-Wakeel – The Trustee, The Guardian, The Disposer of Affairs, The Advocate | Asma ul Husna


Allah calls Himself Al-Wakeel— The Trustee, The Disposer of Affairs, The Guardian— on 14 occasions in the Quran. Al-Wakeel is the only One who takes charge of the affairs of those…

AL-KAFEEL – The Guarantor, Surety, Responsible, and Witness


Allah calls Himself Kafeel— Guarantor, Surety— once in the Quran. Al-Kafeel is the only one able to protect the interests of the whole creation. He is the guarantor of all oaths,…

Al-Wahhaab! – The Giver of Gifts


Allah calls Himself Al-Wahhaab— The Giver of gifts, The Most Liberal Bestower— three times in the Quran. He is the All-Giver who bestows gifts, favors, and blessings upon…